Italy’s Unspoiled, Unbuttoned Summer Getaway

Travel+Leisure Magazine call Puglia Italy’s Unspoiled, Unbuttoned Summer Getaway. Long heralded as the ‘new Tuscany’, it’s taking the mantle on its own terms… slowly, as is the custom in Italy’s Deep South.

Finally the land of the Midday Sun, with incomparably rustic coastlines and cuisine, has emerged as an undeniably hot destination, delivering la dolce vita in its most simple, relaxed, private, and authentic form.

Authoritative travel publications including Tatler, The New York Times and Conde Nast have recently written about Puglia’s beauty, encouraging discerning travellers to venture south in 2016.

Inspired by an Apulian village and entirely made of stone, Borgo Egnazia is a “Nowhere Else” place embodying the true essence of Puglia. Set among millennial olive groves beside the shimmering Adriatic, it offers a beguiling portfolio of rooms, casettas and villas. Its Vair Spa has been praised for its innovative tradition-based approach to beauty and wellness, whilst the San Domenico Golf course is among the best in Italy.

There are 29 independent villas, each an elegant interpretation of the local burghers’ houses of the nineteenth century and constructed with a rooftop terrace and a spacious garden with private pool.

Getting there

Fly into Bari or Brindisi or take a train from Rome. Once there, rent a car (we suggest a classic Italian sports car) for some of Italy’s best coastal cruising and dreamy day tripping.